Public Schools: Advanced Technology Program

Educating America

Education in the United States is seriously failing our youth and our nation. On international mathematics competitions we are ranked 30th among developed nations; in science 24th, and our standing has been eroding for decades. The academic Achievement Gap—the significantly lower performance experienced by many ethnic and socio-economic cohorts—remains pernicious and intractable—an ominous economic portent as we shift to a multi-ethnic majority. Thirty percent of our students don’t graduate high-school, half of students entering college don’t graduate, we have fallen far behind in terms of the number of students graduating college.

And we have a crisis in science, engineering and mathematics education. Twenty percent of college students in Asian nations graduate with a technical degree; in the United States, we only graduate 3%.

We are assembling a dream team to attack this problem, pulling together the nation's top research and technical talent, combined with the strategic education innovation in the nation's strongest philanthropies and the technology and science innovation spearheaded by the Department of Defense.

We will improve public school education by an order of magnitude, changing the game.

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