We have created a school unlike any the world has ever seen.

A typical school talks you through a textbook; you graduate, and then the learning begins…

In contrast, we start on day one to make you an expert. Every day you work as part of a small team under a Senior System Engineer, in conjunction with a Digital Tutor that embodies the world’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence. Each day you are accumulating the experience and the expertise that takes most IT’s five to ten years to acquire. Five months later, you graduate more competent, more confident, than most who have been working in the field for years.

Yet, we expect you start this school with no experience. Giving you the experience, the depth of understanding, the drive and love of learning — that is our job.

And every one of our students has succeeded, has thrived, has excelled, has graduated.

Sounds like a dream? We have been doing this for five years; many of our students participated in grueling, intense competitions against some of the top experts in the country. Our graduates have always dominated. The results are stunning!

Our school creates expert System and Network Administrators, men and women responsible for corporate computers and networks. These professionals are in high demand—today there are 200,000 job openings nationally, the field is growing rapidly, and good ITs are rare—the average IT salary is over $74,000, IT managers, $135,000.

Learn more about the school, the team, the data behind these results, and our previous students.

Bottom line… if you want to join a team seriously committed to making you the very best that you can be, contact us, let us know you’re interested!

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